The Curriculum Vitae



I was fortunate to have many opportunities at Tenable to bootstrap several new features and applications.

Product Marketing Page
  • Worked with team members to develop first Tenable design system and component library
  • Created custom dashboard and reporting functionality including user-configured visualizations and drag and drop
  • Greenfield engineering for PCI ASV and MSSP features
Product Marketing Page
  • Applied design system tokens to reskin existing UI components and deliver full application redesign for first major version release in eight years
  • Established standards for thorough code review and positive collaboration between disparate teams
Tenable Cloud
  • Worked to create API key generation and CAPTCHA features
  • Developed custom AsciiDoc to HTML conversion for online API documentation
  • Researched and prototyped native web components to vet the possibility of migrating


Most of my tenure was devoted to helping build Apptio's latest product.

Product Marketing Page
Apptio IT Planning Foundation
  • Created prototype under direction of Director of Product Design and lead UX Designer, along with Visual Designer and another front end developer
  • Primary front end developer for tablet-up responsive web app
  • Filled the role of part engineer, part UX advocate/expert during development
  • Implemented Zurb's Foundation HTML/SCSS/CSS/JS library within Java backend
  • Learned basics of Knockout.js/Durandal.js data-bindings
  • Built various charts/diagrams using Highcharts and D3 SVG frameworks


These are some projects I developed at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, though most have since been redeveloped.

Sandy Lane
St. James, Barbados, West Indies
  • XML/XSLT website framework
  • jQuery scripting for scaling, automatic pagination and interactive golf course map
Trump Hotel Collection
New York, New York
  • Lead developer for project; served as company liaison between client and third party design firm to facilitate success
  • Integrated HTML/CSS with custom content management system
  • Developed PHP and XSLT template logic
Destination Hotels & Resorts
Englewood, Colorado
  • HTML/CSS front-end development
  • Primary developer for company's largest website project
Facebook Booking Widget
  • Developed prototype version of Facebook App enabling users to book hotel reservations without leaving the Facebook website
  • Product had been replicated and sold nearly 200 times, generating $250K plus in revenue at the time of my departure
  • Client ROI was approximately 12:1 due to efficiency and speed of development allowing low price point

@Independent Consulting

Note: websites below have undergone redevelopment since my involvement, so I take no credit for them in their current state! Sample code can be provided if requested.

Advantage Internet Marketing
Sykesville, MD
  • Promotional websites for local businesses with HTML, CSS and JS
  • Simple guest book with ASP/SQL feature for the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland
  • Programming using PHP/MySQL for form data processing
Maryland Life Magazine
Frederick, Maryland
  • Worked directly with magazine publishing company President and Editor-in-Chief throughout project to ensure success
  • Collaborated with freelance designer on website user interface redesign
  • Developed front-end HTML and CSS templates
The Bay Net
Lexington Park, Maryland
  • Developed HTML, CSS and Javascript for local online news website
  • Worked closely with proprietor, programmer and designer to redesign and redevelop website
  • Coordinated CMS programming with back-end developers
Bang! Cartoons
  • Designed and developed website for sports cartoonist and radio personality
  • Gained design experience bringing artist's creative vision to life