The Curriculum Vitae


My name is Tavis Tucker, and tavis.me is my portfolio site.

I attended Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) where I graduated cum laude with a Math major and Secondary Education minor, but also studied programming, physics and the required liberal arts subjects too. After college, I taught Math to 7th and 8th grade students for two years before deciding to return to school, study web development and start down a new career path.

In 2003, I got started as Junior Web Developer with travel industry startup E-site Marketing which was acquired and is now called Sabre Hospitality Solutions. I grew from Senior Developer into the role of Web Development Manager and was responsible for a team of up to 17 developers, about half of which were home-based. My colleagues and I earned over 100 Internet awards, amassing 50 WebAwards in two years, 11 Gold W3 Awards and 11 (hospitality industry-specific) Adrian Awards in 2012 alone.

After 10 years at SHS and seven as a manager, I wanted a role change back to individual contributor once again, so my wife, our furry children and I headed to Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I served as Front End Developer for Apptio. I participated in the entire lifecycle of the company's first SaaS application as a member of the Product Design team using Zurb's Foundation library, JavaScript, HTML, and SCSS to prototype and rapidly iterate on design concepts, but once the user experience was solidified I transitioned to the engineering organization to integrate it in the product as it was being built. My time at Apptio gave me invaluable experience collaborating with an Agile/Scrum team building software as well as better UX and interaction design skills, but I soon found myself wanting a fully remote role without the Seattle area traffic.

That brought me to Tenable in 2015, where I was able to bootstrap multiple new products including Dashboards, Reporting, PCI ASV and MSSP offerings for Tenable.io. Most recently, I helped deliver a complete redesign for the next major version release of Tenable.sc by implementing design system tokens throughout all UI components and styling them to meet Figma specifications. At Tenable, while I was building features and creating components within the company's design system, most of my coding utilized React, Redux, Styled Components and CSS/SCSS, but I also became familiar with Lit web components, Nx, Webpack, Jenkins CI/CD and e2e testing with Sauce Labs and Webdriver.io as well. I'm very grateful for the amazing people I worked with and the opportunities I had to grow my skillset and responsibilities, but now, I'm ready to move on.